Latest News and Hosting Review FireHost

FireHost Overview

Firehost is a leading and secure web hosting company that offers managed hosting solutions for companies of all size. It has started in 2006 for providing immediate solution to a variety of large scale enterprise. Company has been capable to grow while maintaining high level of protection to ensure consistent performance with virtually no downtime. It delivers world class website security, great bandwidth performance and network redundancy around the globe. Company takes the responsibility for the protection of user`s valuable websites. Their data center was developed from the ground up for the protecting and hosting mission critical websites. Their each data center has multiple fiber entrance with diverse routes and advanced server architecture.

FireHost: Uptime and Reliability

Company`s SLAs include 100% guarantee for both infrastructure and network uptime. Their official web page has been online for 99.7% of time. User can deploy servers without downtime, due to this, it increases uptime rate.
They offer best security options with every plan. Each plan comes with DDoS protection, isolated network, secure VPN address, VMWare environment and more. Firehost seems to be the best option at affordable price. Every extra level of security maintain hack-proof business environment which supports bottom line.
Company`s flawless reputation has been detailed in publications such as PC magazine, Forbes and Wall street journal. Their cloud-based solutions deliver high traffic hosting solutions which depends on extensive networks for load balancing and content delivery.

FireHost Plans

Company`s prices are definitely the major downside which starts at $200 per month. The price for every traffic exceeding gigabyte is one of the highest in the market. Company employs Linux and Windows operating server both as well as pushing latest virtualization technologies. Their powerful configuration with each server having 8GB memory and 4 processor cores.

FireHost: Features and Control Panel

Features of the company`s cloud server are excellent. It includes Ram storage, multiple database options, anti virus protection and manages the cloud with ease. They give particular attention to geography, so that user can choose from three datacenters located in US and Europe. Through this client can hosts work with VMWare virtualization, that is especially good for management of server. Their operating systems available include 4 Windows server 2008 and 3 Linux distributions plans. Overall, this web host helps to manage servers much better with Firehost API 2.0 which has all require tools to create machines run well.
Company has offer a customizable control panel as add on. Clients can choose from Parallels or cPanel designed control panel for cloud server management along with various plans and budgets. No demo would be available to purchase.

FireHost Support

Their agents give comprehensive and quick responses, however complex cases will require more time for resolution. Customer can access support via live chat, ticketing service and phone numbers. Support also available on social media like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedln. Their developer`s community is very supportive in solving common issues with cloud management. Through these tools, solution will be implemented in the expeditious manner that Firehost`s users have become accustomed.
Company gives extra high security for sensitive information with market leading performance and great support.
Firehost has some negative points also like no mobile app, complicated website interface, not proactive in alerting when site is down.
Cancellation Policy
If user wants to cancel services they are not entitled to any credit or refunds for prepaid fees. Any early termination fee will be due and payable upon receipt of invoice. Company may suspend providing the services to the user, if user fails to pay fees due within 28 days after the date of invoice.
Firehost secure cloud hosting will able to provide best performance with more features for their customers. This company is obvious choice for speed, security, quality and reliability. Their dedicated server hosting have some advantages over cloud hosting but has proven a scalable and secure hosting solution for business enterprise.

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