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About Company

Cloudflare, one of the U.S. based provider offers the services of distributed domain name server and content delivery network to their clients across the world. It acts as a mediator between company’s hosting provider and their visitors, for your websites, it acts as a reverse proxy. Cloudflare offers high level of protection to your websites and accelerate them online. It generate high traffic for your site by routing its web traffic through their great global network.
Key Selling Points

  • Huge network to absorb attacks
  • Flat pricing

Key Features Offered

  • CDN : CDN stands for Content Delivery Network. As its name suggest, using network, it deliver or distribute your content across the world so that it comes closer to the people who are visiting your website thereby permits them to access the site easily.
  • DNS : Prompt, safe and secure authoritative DNS Networks is run by Cloudflare in the world. Provider has created prompt, powerful and highly secure DNS.
  • Optimization : On your personal computers and mobiles, snappy is loaded by web pages having advertisement servers and third party widgets.
  • SSL : SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. It is used as an important tool for enhancing security to your websites. An encrypted link is established between web browser and web server by SSL. It ensures the privacy of data at the time of transfer.
  • Security : It offers safety and security to a great extent. Your website is highly protected from various kinds of online threats such as viruses, Trojan horses, spammers, SQL injection, DDOS.
  • Analytic : Company offers all the info related to your website traffic with crawlers of search engine, threats and everything else.
  • Apps : With the help of CloudFlare apps, web apps can be easily installed on your website in a user friendly, safe and secure and in a fast manner and in just one simple click.

Company Services

Cloudflare offers their excellent services by means of the various plans to their clients. They are listed below:

  • Free : First plan is offered for free of cost to the clients by provider. It includes numerous features and offers you high performance, high protection in terms of security, Secure Sockets Layer, generate statistics of the visitors and many more.
  • Pro : This plan starts from $ 20 per month. It offers their clients prompt site performance, Mobile optimization, Web application firewall, real-time statistics generated on virtual basis and everything related to your site.
  • Business : Business plan starts at $ 200 per month. It offers all the above features of Pro plan with complete customization, Railgun™ web optimization, advanced denial of service attack mitigation and 100% uptime guarantee.
  • Enterprise : This plan is quite expensive. It offers all Business plan features with setup consultation, dedicated solutions engineer, 24 hrs phone support, Multi-User Access system and so many other features. And all this starts from $ 5000 per month.

Performance & Reliability

Company offers you high performance and reliability. The delivery of web pages of your site is optimized automatically by the provider which results in fast loading of web pages and thus high performance. It also saves your server resources and bandwidth by limiting crawlers and abusive bots and by blocking threats. It leads to powerful websites leading to enhanced performance and reduced spam and other attacks.
No. of Customers: 4,000,000+ sites protected
Support: 24.7.365 technical experts resolve hosting related issues

What’s New

Pirate websites are very common and frequently created and hosted with some abuse goal. As to trace their true location is quite easy and in this direction Cloudflare has also entered. They perform this task very effectively, reveals the exact location of the pirate websites and also allow anti piracy providers to directly reach to the correct location of these sites.

Contact Details

If you have any questions, concerns or comments for the company, you can reach them through following ways:

  • Phone: 1 (888) 993 5273
  • For UK callers: +44 (0)20 3514 6970
  • For International callers: +1 (650) 319 8930
  • Website:

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