Latest News and Hosting Review CloudLinux

CloudLinux Introduction

CloudLinux is custom made to cater to the needs of web hosts who have a considerable skill in hosting industry. It is a privately funded firm set up in 2009, near CA. Besides hosting, kernel development and open source services are taken care of expertise. Owing to its proven security and stability, CloudLinux was named as one of the recommended web tools in 2012 by Web Hosting Search. named CloudLinux for its Hosting Related Editors’ Choice Award
CloudLinux, based on an operating system for shared hosting is into business for more than five years. Innovative systems like CageFS, intended to improve security and stability on servers, does so by offering tenant. With an efficient and effective use of each server by providing increased density, security, performance and decreased churn, the gain per server subsequently increases.
CloudLinux restricts users from viewing configuration files and other confidential data. The technology is exchangeable with CentOS and RHEL. Additionally, CageFS condenses each client thereby preventing users from viewing each others’ information. It also prevents from data disclosure attacks. It permits a user to select PHP version and its quick updating advantage makes the sites more secured.

CloudLinux Price

Price varies according to the number of licenses required. For one the client needs to pay $14 per month. For 2-4licenses the price falls to $12 and further $10 per month for >5 licenses.

CloudLinux Features

  1. Ruby Selector permits users to select Ruby version for application and installing additional modules.
  2. Isolated servers promote safety and stability in case any one goes down.
  3. Kernel level technology is used to set resource limit. With this, there is no fear of over usage by the tenant. This technology thwarts all recognized symbolic link attacks and it further augments the server security level.
  4. CloudLinux also gives its client the freedom to choose PHP version that is required.
  5. With Python Selector, a user can select Python version and install additional modules.
  6. Constant MySQL monitoring and preventing overloading server saves the users from hassles of a shared server and maintains stability and functioning. This is done via MySQL Governor
  7. OptimumCache software is responsible for optimizing file caching.
  8. For PHP pages, Mod_lsapi is relied on as the fastest and efficient way.

CloudLinux Compatability

CloudLinux works with all major cPanel and is compatible with most software. The user is in tuned with increased stability. It is the first custom made OS to serve particular needs of web hosting in case of extreme situations. The updates are tested with a majority of well-known control panels and makes it prompt for customers to utilize.

CloudLinux Support

With the help of support staff, continuous and free 24/7 backing, CloudLinux makes adequate arrangements to answer every customer queries at any point of time.

Recent News

CloudLinux is now accessible as an add-on to all dedicated server customers. This improves server stability, security, and flexibility. At the point when the users are nearing the resource limit, they are reminded which avoids them the penalty of shutting the website. Tracking CPU, memory or disk I/O can be done in addition. By restricting sensitive data to the users it prevents nasty exterior access that may cause data leakage. The company offers its new users to download its trial for 30 days to prove its stability. CloudLinux aids both users and dedicated hosting providers in cost management and future planning.
Igor Seletskiy CEO of CloudLinux and KuberDock will be attending a 2-hour interactive training workshop by PhoenixNAP at HostingCon Global 2015. This workshop will deal with all facets of employing containers from technology and ways to overpower challenges of implementation, thereby, making it easier for customers to position containers. The venue of the workshop is San Diego Convention Center, California on Sunday, July 26-29, 2015 at 1:00 pm – 2:50 pm.

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