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Hosting Review Dreamhost

Company Introduction – Hosting Review Dreamhost

Establishment: 1997 Dreamhost Web Hosting offers high-end solutions than Arvixe. It won Editors’ Choice for overall hosting services, especially for experienced website masters who want to try out creating something new for their sites. One of its cons is that it does not include a site builder, which needs to be purchased by the user from elsewhere. Its attributes include unlimited email, data transfer, and storage. The prices start from $ 4.95 per month.

DreamHost offers web hosting, domain registration and cloud services to 1.5 million sites, application and blogs. Hosting support over 400000 web developers, designers, small businesses, content creator and entrepreneurs. It is the perfect place to initiate a web application, website or blog into stratosphere. Company is an openStack Foundation Gold member, financial backing, Supplying code and leadership in online market.
Around 750000 WordPress installations with helpful staff full of professional WordPress experts is major part of the company. DreamHost has powerful open source software, helping power cloud services with award winning in-house support staff available all day.

It is one of the most preferred hosts. Dreamhost offers both standard shared plans with prices starting as low as $ 8.95 per month. Dedicated plans for clients with larger bandwidth and space requirements. The company provides its customers with regular perks and added features: one-click install, unlimited databases, unlimited email accounts, Google apps support, unlimited bandwidth etc. Money-back guarantees, uptime guarantee, and great customer support are provided.

It offers custom cPanel designed so to able a novice to operate with ease. It offers only one shared hosting package for $ 119 per year.

DreamHost is a hosting provider that has been doing things a bit differently since way back in 1997. By differently we mean something positive. DreamHost is simply a hosting provider that is in the industry for the love of web hosting. With the help of this lots of hosts have been done for websites across on hundreds of servers. Most of the web hosts are owned by the employees by the dream host dedication servers. Most of the webs hosting companies have satisfied customers with post supports. Dream web host has extraordinary technical support to help customers at any time to make them happy. Dream host offers various types hosting, such as Shared Web hosting, Dedicated Hosting, and VPS Web host packages.


The hosting provided by DreamHost is strong and reliable and it includes pretty much everything you need to run a successful website. Some of the features that are included in their plan are unlimited bandwidth, unlimited e-mail accounts, and unlimited disk storage. Visit the DreamHost website to see all the features that are included in their hosting plans.

The company has garnered mixed reviews and testimonials but a majority of their reviews reflect the professionalism and reliability offered by the company. Customers signing up for Dreamhost would not be disappointed by the customer support either. Their interactive forum is very helpful for people who are looking for hosting or company related information, guidelines, and tips. Furthermore, the company keeps adding special bonuses and offers from time to time and this further enriches the customers’ hosting experience.

Services Offered – Hosting Review Dreamhost

DreamHost Dedicated Servers

Company has enhanced its line of fully-managed dedicated server options to include Solid State Drives and high-core-count CPUs. DreamHost’s shared hosting DreamPress, Virtual Private Servers and dedicated servers together compromise ‘DreamServer’ platform and all are either powered by SSDs or option for SSD storage.
It provides range of nine different user-configurable hardware options, offering anywhere from 4 to 12 core CPUs, 4GB to 64GB of RAM and 240GB of SSD or 1TB to 2TB of traditional spinning storage starting at $149 per month. All dedicated servers are fully managed and contain RAID-1 mirroring and scheduled backups to prevent against data loss.

DreamHost Shared Hosting and Managed WordPress Hosting:-

Shared hosting is less expensive way for businesses to create and design web presence perfect for portfolios, blogs, personal business sites and database-driven sites and hosted on solid State Drives. This rock-solid website hosting plan starts at just $8.95 per month. This plan includes features like Unlimited Storage and Bandwidth,1 Free domain Name, 97 Day money back guarantee andHosted Unlimited Domains.
On the other hand Managed WordPress hosting service from DreamHost is fast and reliable with speed enhancing features including PHP 5.5 with OPcache, Solid State Drives and optional HHVM. Get WordPress optimized server environment managed by friends at DreamHost so user can concentrate on designing websites. Get WordPress hosting at $19.95 per month.


  • All files are hosted on high-performance SSD drives for increased speed
  • WordPress automatically installed on DreamPress 2 accounts for immediate start
  • Unlmited Email Accounts
  • 24/7 WordPress Support
  • Auto-Scaling RAM

DreamHost Virtual Private Servers and Dedicated Servers:-

VPS offers designers, developers and businesses more speed, power and reliability to successfully run websites and applications. VPS Hosting is best in terms of high traffic, developer running difficult application which need instant scalability or give user’s site maximum performance. Hosting starts at $15 per month with unlimited email accounts and includes features: Unlimited Bandwidth, Scalable upto 8GB of RAM, From 30GB-240GB SSD Storage and Custom-Built Control Panel.
While Dedicated Server offers powerful control and security . User will have access to all server resources and power need for websites. Dedicated server experts monitoring and managing the performance of server 24/7 . This server is fully managed and 100% uptime guarantee. Price start at $149 per month .


  • Full Root and Shell Access
  • Web-Based Control Panel
  • From 4GB RAM to 64 GB RAM
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • New Optional SSD

Cloud Storage of DreamHost:-

Webhost offers Cost effective Cloud storage services. It store backups, create next big thing. User can access DreamObject through programmatically via standard API, panel or with library of applications.

Customers – Hosting Review Dreamhost

What for Customers?

  • Stores backups
  • Reliable

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