Latest News and Hosting Review Host1Plus

Host1Plus is an international cloud computing technologies provides shared hosting, Linux and Windows Cloud hosting, reseller hosting, dedicated servers, SSL certificates and domain name registration services. It was founded in September 2008 by Vincentas Grinius. First data centers were organized in Lithuania, United Kingdom and Netherlands.
Company has announced implementation of DDoS protection for many customer in all available VPS locations except Germany, Frankfurt. As increase in DDoS attacks and try to evolve quickly into typical security threats. Most important thing is protection from such attacks.
For Host1Plus customers there is DDoS protection and reduction in DDoS attack resulted in collaboration with Staminus. Service of full protection will be offered free of charge. Many features such as SNMP reflection, safeguard from DNS amplification, SSDP reflection, NTP amplification, TCP volumetric attacks and other threats developing from DDoS offenders.
Fast and comprehensive DDoS attack protection is delivered by Staminus to ensure flawless performance for all customers. With constant development over time period, protection of Staminus exceeds other reduction solutions in scalability, performance, reliability and flexibility.
According to Vincentas Grinius, CTO and co-founder of Host1Plus, DDoS protection is implemented at priority basis. Interference of malicious attempts frequency and make network, server resources has increased unavailable to users.
To keep 100% availability of internet presence clients depend on their hosts but not for 90%, 80% and not anything else. All right steps are taken by Host1Plus to keep their clients online and safeguard businesses from losses and inconvenience of DDoS attacks.
Fully managed and automated VPS DDoS protection has been introduced in USA;LA,Chicago, USA; Sao Paulo, South Africa, Brazil; Johannesburg. Company offers DDoS protected VPS, web and reseller server hosting.
Highly available DDoS Protected VPS infrastructure involves high speed redundant storage, enterprise grade hardware, redundant hardware with auto-failover, CPU resources and dedicated RAM allocated specifically. For small size of attack user can search economical solutions like Incapsula or CloudFlare. If attack is of large size, IP of user will be null routed by both these providers or by pass traffic through DNS so that origin server is hit directly.
If anything is not hosted significantly by user’s VPS and site down is easily affordable then null route will be accepted. Once it has gone, let DDoS fade away. Options with VPS are limited with above method.

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