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Hosting Review ResellersPanel

Introduction – Hosting Review ResellersPanel

Establishment: 2003

Services Offered – Hosting Review ResellersPanel

  • cPanel reseller hosting (cPanel 1, cPanel 2, cPanel 3, cPanel 4)
  • VPS Server Hosting package (Mini VPS, Medium VPS, Maxi VPS)
  • The Free Reseller Program

Free Reseller Program – Hosting Review ResellersPanel

  • Start Reselling Hosting Services without paying anything
  • Three pre-configured web hosting plans already set: the Business, the Corporate and the Enterprise. Also, allows building web hosting plans using provided Liquid Plan Builder. Just define new plan names and pricing and sell them from a store.
  • Instant Reseller account setup with customizable turn-key templates and default URL for online store Resellers can replace the default store address with their brand domain name. Set header and banner ads and also replace the index page promo areas with your Niche market.
  • Guaranteed anonymity: The Store Brand name would display in your store and on all store-related documents, including order and Thank You pages, invoices, service notifications, etc. Resellerspanel name gets concealed everywhere.
  • No extra setup required for billing accounts, configure support systems, deal with payments and account verification.
  • Most noteworthy, the company also provides 24.7.365 support to reseller’s clients.
  • Payments: All plans created have pre-defined prices, the wholesale price. It varies according to the type and quota of features. A Reseller set the retail price, the price at which plan sold to customers. Hence, the profit – the difference between the two prices, sent as commission each month. Choose the currency for reseller commission between USD, AUD, CAD, GBP, and EUR

cPanel reseller program – Hosting Review ResellersPanel

  • Buy Reseller plan which includes resources disk space, monthly traffic.
  • Break them to separate programs and then start selling them to your customers.

Other Services Offered: domain name registration, design, and development of web pages

Customers – Hosting Review ResellersPanel

Support: 24.7.365 via Phone, Trouble-Ticket system and Live Chat with response time less than 30 minutes

Phone Support Timings:  10 AM – 12 AM GMT and 5 AM – 7 PM EST, Monday to Friday

The tutorial section provides a lot of information available to get success in hosting business.

ResellersPanel Plans

Web hosting plans: Starter, Business, Corporate & Enterprise are designed to meet general needs of personal and business hosting users. Furthermore, one can resell virtual private servers, dedicated servers, semi-dedicated servers and domain name services.
Virtual Private Servers (VPS) combine the qualities of a dedicated server with affordability and ease of shared hosting.


  1. The simple business model followed with all tools.
  2. No particular set of skills or knowledge required.
  3. Dedicated and Semi-Dedicated Server Reseller – After signing up one can sell dedicated servers without paying.
  4. Guaranteed complete service branding provided.

Dedicated Servers Reseller Features:

  1. Stable and sturdy Linux OS & full root access.
  2. No amount of deposit or reseller charge.
  3. 24/7 technical expert support.
  4. Free cPanel with each dedicated server.
  5. Three free dedicated IPs with each server.

Recent News

  • Free reseller Web host ResellersPanel has launched Elefante Installer. A website offering resellers demos and free installations of more than 30 open source PHP scripts.

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