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About Company

SingleHop was founded in 2006 is a services provider and IT hosting company. Its Headquarters is situated at Chicago, Illinois, USA. Company is having various data centers situated at Chicago, Arizona, and the Netherlands. In context of services, it offers bare metal dedicated servers, hybrid cloud, public cloud, private clouds and managed hosting services to resellers and businesses in around 114 countries. In 2011, company has been named as the 25th fastest-growing U.S. company by Inc. Magazine.

Company Products & Services

SingleHop offers various types of useful products and services to their clients. They are listed below:

1. Infrastructure-

  • Dedicated Server : Single CPU, Quad-Core begins at price of $159 per month with free Setup, Cores: 4×2.8-3.5GHz, Storage of 2x500GB, 8-16GB of RAM, 10 TB of Bandwidth.
  • Virtual Server : Virtual servers can be re-size or re-scale up or down at any time. With this, it also provides improved resilience against of downtime.
  • Dedicated Private Cloud : It is meant to meet your specific business goals. It is having a private computing and single-tenant environment which functions almost same as public cloud at a fixed cost.
  • Virtual Private Cloud : It combines private cloud-style isolation and public cloud-style elasticity.

Customer Support

Company offers excellent customer service to their clients. Like other companies, their main objective is to provide customer satisfaction so as to retain existing customers and appreciate new customers. They serve their customers for throughout the year, 24*7*365 to resolve their technical and other site or hosting related issues. Among their services, customer service is considered as great.

Company Overview

The internet has completely taken over our lives in the last couple of years. It helps us to perform certain important activities in our daily schedule.  Companies all over the world have realized the potential of the internet and are harnessing it to get the best results possible. So if you are interested in hiring the services of Single Hop Hosting there is no harm in it, but it would be wise if you read a review on the services provided by the company before you did. Now there are many websites that provide reviews on the company but they express mixed opinions which may leave you confused. However this review will help to educate you and clear any misconception that you may have about this company.

Services offered by the company

The company offers many kinds of services that are related to web hosting. From dedicated servers to cloud hosting this company offers it all. The company has various packages that are priced at different levels. So people with a strict budget can also afford to hire the services of this particular company. You can also look at the official website to find out about the services in detail. The website also upgrades the prices charged from time to time.


The company started out in the year 2006; initially the company started out pretty small with limited services but today the company has emerged as one of the biggest companies. The company now has a strong customer base in 114 countries. The company also employs 12000 servers to provide reliable services to the customers. Even today certain people are not satisfied with the services of the company but the company takes all the criticism in stride and works really hard to turn the situation around.

Customer Service

This is something that has t be handled well by Single Hop Hosting. In spite of all the technical difficulties that the company has faced before; the service provider has taken all of that into consideration and tries to provide the best services to the customers. To learn more you can do some research on the company.

Performance of the company

If you really want to find out about the performance of the particular company well then you should compare the prices and services with some of the other service providers; this will give you the actual picture. Like most other service providers this too refunds money to those customers who are not satisfied with the results.


Well the points mentioned above are good enough to validate the company as one of the very best in the industry. In spite of all the criticism; the company has still managed to retain its core customer base. The company has actually set standards for other web hosting companies. The company has built a strong image right from scratch. Today the company is considered to be a premium service provider. Study the tips given in the article before you hire the services of the company.

What’s New

SingleHop has recently announced that some of key members of their executive team participated in the Techweek Chicago conference held from 22 June to 28 June, 2015. They took active participation in conference and speak on various topics. There is a panel and speakers talk about entrepreneurship, cloud based IT infrastructure, issues regarding security of information and other important matters.

Contact Details

If you have any questions, concerns or comments for the company, you can reach them through following ways:

  • Website:
  • Mailing Address:
    SingleHop, LLC.
    500 W Madison St.
    Suite 801, Chicago
    IL 60661
  • Toll Free No.: 000-800-100-4264
  • Local No.: 312.386.6210
  • Fax No.: 773.305.1666

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