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Company Profile

100TB, a leading premium provider, offering services of web server hosting, all over the world. It offers dedicated servers which offer latest cutting edge technology. It ensures trustworthy, prompt, safe and secure server whether used for a website, application or a media service. 100tb has allotted 1000Mbit port and 1000 GB of bandwidth on a monthly basis to every server. Redundant Data Centers of the company backed by a robust network with high-security level. It also provides 24/7/365 customer support from UK and USA.


  • It offers users the network which is dependable and fully owned and undoubtedly fast.
  • Various World Class data centers are available.
  • Dedicated servers which are completely automated.
  • Exceptional customer support for 24*7*365.
  • Powerful control panel meant for next generation.
  • Excellent customer freebies and resources.


  1. Dedicated Hosting: Dedicated Servers first hosting package “Glow” Xeon E3-1231v3 is offered at a nominal price of $139.00 per month. It offers 4GB DDR3 RAM, 1TB HDD, 2TB Bandwidth, 1Gbps Dedicated Port.
  2. Cloud Servers: These servers provided 1.2Ghz Dedicated CPU, 376MB of RAM, 10GB of Disk Space, 3TB of Bandwidth. And for this, they are charging a very reasonable price of $20 on a monthly basis.
  3. Reseller: 100 TB Reseller program offers you some essential tools for marketing whereby you may provide professional services to your customers without incurring any other operating and infrastructure costs. It offers several benefits also. It provides R1 Soft, which continuously takes backup of your data or servers. Your servers monitored for the whole day. It keeps good control over your over technical resources. Comodo SSL has also offered which process all the transactions in a safe and secure mode. It leads to generate high margin profit. Discounted Services also provided by providing discounts on a pricing of plans and setup fees.
  4. CDN: 100 TB’s CDN is very reliable, safe and secure, scalable, user-friendly and very fast. Thus the services it offers are too good.
  5. Customer Service: 100tb offers exceptional customer service for 24 * 7 * 365. This service is available round the clock, and high professional and trained staff are always on helpdesk to help you.

Latest News of Company

100 TB hosted demanding and considerable web site infrastructure of This hosting leads to a better serving of community, maximum uptime and quick load time. It becomes possible due to their hosting solutions and premium network which provides high network connectivity and security. Powerful servers allow to expand their website’s community features and functionality.
Along with this news, there is one more thing, 100TB launched their fourth TV series. It is meant to answer the questions related to data centers power, cooling, network, and security. It will also reveal the technical equipment required to keep services up and running.

Contact Details of Company-

100tb is having two major offices situated in UK and US. Their address given below:
US Office UK Office
517 W. 100 N. 29th Floor
Suite #225 1 Canada Square
Providence, UT 84332 Canary Wharf
London, E14 5DY

To contact via E-mail:

  • For Sales –
  • For seeking Support –
  • For Billing inquiries-

To contact via Phone:

  • Toll-Free No.: 1.888.395.0752
  • International No.: +1.435.213.2491

To contact via Twitter

  • @100TB

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