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I really applaud all the Google products despite all the privacy concerns they have. There are various Google products available such as email product Gmail, Google plus, Google calendar, web browsers such as Google Chrome and others like Google map, Google earth, Google Nexus 7, Google glasses, Google chrome books and most important which is currently using in almost all the technological and mobile devices like tablets, smart phones is Google’s android operating system.
Despite the lot of interference of National Security Agency (NSA) in Google products, I always wanted to use them. NSA plays an important role in the context of Google products and Google didn’t tell you about the same.
National Security Agency (NSA) allows accessing your emails, usage of web browser and various other activities. NSA knows that who is writing to you, search keywords on the incoming emails in order to make the decision that what ads are required to keep on the main page. It keeps their eyes on the info I search in the search engine and what location I search in the Google map. There are various complaints arises on regular basis of Google but the benefits of its products overcome its limitations.
However, this view may be restricted, as it focuses on today’s advantages and disadvantages and the path Google may or may not take. Google’s path is written in the riveting novel named as “The Circle” by Dave Eggers’. The story written in the novel, Mae Holland is the actress of the same obtains a place at The Circle. Like the other employees, she purchased in the company which leads her to accept slowly and then wins the path.
First of all, she realizes that to participate in the social media is compulsory; it is not optional. Then she deeply get involved in the culture and agrees that she is the first one in the company who go transparent and let the people watch and comment her on each and every step of her. As she totally accepts the culture so she got separated from her family members and lover. This leads to the formation of the new slogan- “Privacy is theft” and “Secrets are lies.”
To attain full transparency, the Circle’s quest progresses and goes on. There is a fact that The Circle is obviously based on Google. There is a story New York Times on the book include an image of the corporate campus of the Google. The top mgt. of the novel consists of one transparent true believer, one businessman, one reclusive visionary who increased the total transparency in order to increase the profit and power of The Circle. The public affected by emerging technology and caught up in the transparency movement for improved safety and security was considered as enablers of this change occurred on a wide basis.
But here one ques arises, are we considered as a complaint? I don’t have the answer o f this ques. I know my best friend and he was not using any of the Google products since so long as he said that Google always asks for personal information and that too in a large qty. And I said I don’t agree with you as there is no privacy these days with anything. If you buy credit card, it can be stolen by anyone and all your money can get stolen in just a second. People can know your location via different devices such as through your smart phone orEZ Pass records and there are other ways. All the surveillance activities carried by the US Postal service and NSA forms a complete profile of you.
This book considered as a novel or fiction is a cautionary tale must cause reflection on the path that our society and we generally follow. To enhance our lifestyle, tools such as important products of hardware and software are used instead of the entrapment devices.

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