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Company Introduction


1and1 web hosting company offers clients a range of services from dedicated server hosting to dedicated cloud hosting and VPS hosting. The company’s hosting furthermore comes with features such as a dedicated SSL certificate, unlimited bandwidth, an unlimited number of MySQL server databases and a mobile website design software, and unlimited web space save for a few hosting plans among many others. Some of the e-commerce features that the company offers are Zen Cart, Xoops, Drupal, WordPress, Joomla along so many other functions. For advanced applications, the dedicated server that the company employs is the Intel® Xeon® which comes with a Ram of up to 32 GB and a hard disk space of 2000 GB Raid. It goes a long way in allowing clients to use advanced applications in their hosting services. Some of the programming languages that their hosting supports are Cron jobs, Zend, PHP 5 and PHP dev, SSI, Python, Perl, Ruby and so much more. The company offers clients three basic hosting plans that they can choose from, the starter hosting plan, the unlimited hosting plan, and the business hosting package. 1and1 furthermore offers great e-mail features such as e-mail forwarding, auto-responder, Catch-all e-mail addresses, Anti Spam and Anti- Phishing, IMAP, and POP3 e-mail accounts are supported and come with 1and1 webmail 2.0 and so forth.

1&1 web hosting provides easy WordPress setup, user-friendly website creation tools at best web hosting prices but lags behind in website building options and customer support response time. Hosting starts from $4.99 per month which best web hosting for beginners.

1and1 IONOS provides a variety of hosting products including high-end servers and email solutions in ten different countries. Moreover, the company offers an available resource to maintain and create an optimal web presence. Today, 1and1 has become the country’s top five web hosts provider and manages more than 19 million domain names without compromising the quality. Their hosting solutions are reliable for high-end products and private users for small and medium-sized businesses. They deliver high-quality service to their customers. Their data centers reside in Europe and the USA. The customer can create and edit a website require without additional software or knowledge. Their hosting features include instant setup, DDoS protection, 300 GB connectivity, solid security, Plesk, and much more.

1& web hosting company was founded in 1988. It is owned by United Internet a German company. It is one of the world`s largest web hosting companies. Its data centers are situated in Europe and in Lenexa, Kansas. It helps you to create your perfect website. It has a Quick and Easy Search engine, fully customizable templates for hundreds of industries, e-mail addresses & free domain included.

1&1 is a popular web hosting provider in Europe by offering a wide range of Web hosting products such as high-end servers and email solutions in ten different countries including Great Britain, Germany, and The United States.

The company has introduced a 1&1 cloud server with four new pre-configured packages so users can select lower entry prices for expeditious use. Through new cloud server packages available in four different sizes so the customer has a choice between sized M to XXL, ranging in terms of RAM, storage space, cores. 1&1 makes products more efficient, affordable, and low entry price, the package starts at £9.99/month +VAT. 1&1 cloud server offers enterprise functionalities such as SSD storage arrays and storage area networks(SAN) by default for higher performance and reliability, KVM access via desktop, easy user administration with 1&1 cloud panel and API interface.

Service Offered – Hosting Review 1and1

Cloud Server: Flexibility of Cloud with the performance of dedicated hardware

Managed Cloud Hosting: Powerful web hosting with on-demand scalable resources for server

Dedicated Server: Hardware with full root access and maximum performance

1&1 Cloud Server Advantage :

This new service has a number of advantages like Flexible Firewall Rules, Unlimited Traffic, External Firewall for Security Settings, Load Balancer, Private Networks and Ips, 24*7 Technical Support at Zero Cost, User get profit from various backup options, Interactive Invoicing, Monitoring Tool, Modifying package with More Storage Space, vCPU and RAM

Virtual Private Server :

1&1 Virtual servers provide Maximum performance including more resources, Optional SSD, Guaranteed vCores. This is a Simple System Administration and Feature-Rich server that helps in generating unlimited traffic with Automatic backups. Users can enjoy the benefits of Simple App Installation and Parallel Plesk 12 Application pool at a low and affordable cost.

VPS has other Additional features such as:-

  • Security- Monitor Server via Web Browser or Mobile App
  • Customer Service- 24/7 Technical and Free Email Support
  • Configuration- Full Root Access and feature of Reset and Re installation

Dynamic Cloud Server :

1&1 cloud server offers secure and hosting services to a wide range of business applications. It provides maximum flexibility and full cost control for users. Through the cloud, server users get Full Root Access with security and redundant storage and processing units which safeguards the user’s cloud server automatically against failure.

Additionally, Cloud Server comes with Backup solutions to secure data, FTP storage, Additional IP addresses, a Configurable External Firewall, and the Latest Version of Parallels Plesk.

1&1 Online Store- Nowadays more and more businesses are integrating with e-commerce platforms as a segment of business systems. With the origin of Smart-phone and the Internet, it is now painless than ever to consolidate workable solutions that will work for many users. It includes the benefit of Online Marketplaces and Sites, helps in Making Products Visible on Price Comparison, user can get Easy Facebook Integration and News Letter Distribution and creates of New On-line Store.

1and1 has a starter package as well as a business package. It has Dedicated Servers, Virtual Servers, and New: Cloud Servers. 1&1 Hosting is an affordable web hosting. It offers various plans from which you can choose any of them as per your requirement. They also provide a year introductory offer which is very cheap and after a year they increase the price, but even then also it is more affordable.

1& is a web hosting company that gives you a server. In this company, you can choose to own a server or lease a server. You can utilize the server to store data from your website. These servers provide strong protection to your data. The service provider is very good at connecting the website address and the data to the other hosting companies. This method is referred to as collocation. In this method, the users can locate any website by utilizing any search engine. This increases the visibility of your website by leaps and bounds.

Features and Control Panel

1&1 offers over 140 apps and all these apps are the best open source applications and popular apps. It also provides click & builds applications. It offers 40 plus popular open source applications from huge categories. It provides easy installation with just a few clicks and many useful extensions. After a few clicks of the mouse in your 1&1 Control Panel gets installed on your webspace. You can choose from two types of installation, they are – Safe Mode and Free Mode. You can free download All 1&1 Click & Build applications with Linux operating systems.


Clients at 1and1 web hosting company get an uninterrupted network uptime of up to 99.9% throughout thus their servers and customers web sites are running all day and night. Overall, 1and1 web hosting company performs quite sufficiently as a web host and offers excellent reliability and hosting speeds which make them a leader in the industry. Their data centers are also very well equipped regarding their technology and the servers that they use.

Since the company solves technical issues fast; you face fewer problems in operating your website and so you will not be stressed out. Now, this service provider makes sure that all your data is safe and well managed. The cost of this company may be a little expensive but it is worth every penny considering the kind of service you get. To make things easier for the customer the service provides services on a 24-hour basis. This makes the work of the clients so much easier. You get adequate space to store huge volumes of data. The servers of this company serve as data centers. The client can send data to the service provider and the data gets stored in the data center.


With a guaranteed network uptime of up to 99.9%, the company’s hosting services are very reliable coupled up with the lightning-fast speed at which their hosting operates. On top of that, the customer care team and the technical support team at 1and1 can be reached at any time of day or night to deal with any problems that their customers may come across.

For using web hosting services you do not need to be an expert! It helps you in creating and maintaining your website in a simpler way. For this purpose, you do not need any web design, any additional software, or coding experience. You only need to choose a design then add your text and images through the 1and1 web-based drag-and-drop tool.

1and1 has achieved 99.98% uptime last week. With 65 existing domains were deleted, 4942 domains were transferred away, 1797 new domains were registered with 1and1 and 110 domains were transferred to 1and1 from other web hosts. As per social media content and conversations, 1and1 has 63.41% positive user response.


When this company started out, it was quite small but today it has become one of the leaders in the world of web hosting. The company satisfied numerous people with its flawless services. In fact, customers have left countless testimonials on the website of the company stating that they are more than just satisfied with the services provided.

Customer service

The client care desk at 1and1 can be reached all through the day and night throughout the year thus customers’ needs are catered for to perfection. The technical team is very responsive in dealing with customers’ problems, and the customer care desk can be reached 24/7 via telephone and e-mail to look into the needs of clients.

The service provided to the customer by the company is quite commendable. No matter what your purpose of using the server may be. As a customer, your experience with this company will much more than just pleasant. If you decide to go for a dedicated server you must know that you will not face any problem with the functioning of your website. Using an independent server for your website will help you attract a lot of customers. Now the company provides its users with a number that they can call for no charge at all. Customers can call this number to solve any problems or ask about any service provided by the company. This service provider is the perfect option for those who do not mind paying a little extra. The company has always maintained its standards when it comes to providing prompt services.

Technical Support

1&1 provides the facility of 24/7 on phone technical support that they actually answer. They receive a call in less than a minute hold time. They also offer technical support via email too.

Advantages with Company

1and1 web hosting offers the easiest web hosting and transparency in their packages. They offer everything in their package which is required by a user at a low price without any hidden charges. GeoTrust Dedicated SSL Certificate is offered by 1 and 1 in most of the packages without any extra cost. You can buy optionally for other plans at only $49 per year.

Free domain names in most of the shared hosting plans are offered by the company. You can easily register for any number of domains that customers need. And for this, no need to purchase packages or any extra tools. It also offers a user-friendly 1&1 Control Panel which permits you to administer settings of your packages using your respective login and password. It is having 7 data centers located at KS, Lenexa in US and Europe with around 70000 servers offering a great level of connectivity, high performance, and superior safety.

What Services Company Offers

1&1 Internet offers various types of hosting services and solutions to their clients.

1. Website Builder

  • Free website builder
  • Cheap websites
  • Webpage templates
  • Customize your website

2. Domain Name Service

  • Cheap domain names
  • Free domain name
  • Register a domain name
  • Domain registry
  • How to buy an affordable domain
  • Purchase your domain name
  • Domain name for a small business
  • 99 cent domains
  • Domains
  • Domain Search
  • Domain domain
  • SSL Certificate

3. Web Hosting

  • Website hosting
  • Cheap web hosting
  • PHP web hosting
  • Free web hosting
  • Web hosting provider
  • Web hosting services
  • WordPress in English
  • WordPress Download

4. CMS (Content Management System)

  • WordPress themes
  • WordPress plugins

5. E-commerce Service

  • Build e-commerce websitee
  • Shop builder

6. Server

  • Game Server Hosting

7. Customer Service

1 & 1 web hosting offers good customer support to their clients for 24 hrs a day and 7 days a week, as it has a team of trained professionals. They provide satisfactory answers to customer queries via phone or e-mail within a short span of time. It also offers 30 days money-back guarantee to its clients. With other services, the company offers very good customer service to their customers.


The best feature of this service provider is that it makes sure that your website is managed in a systematic way. The website is looked after by a well-trained staff employed by the service provider. They can help you solve any problem related to your website. The services of this company can be used very easily by people who have never had a background in web hosting and any kind of technical background. In other words, this is a user-friendly hosting site for sure.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

If because of any reason you want to cancel your 1&1 web hosting service then not to worry. It offers 30 days money-back guarantee. For canceling its service no questions asked. Refund policy is applicable to monthly fees, setup fees, and any additional products or services added to your account through the customer shop within 30 days from the original date of purchase.


1&1 major plus points are – Relative Performance, Relative Options, Customer Service, Prices, 30-day free trial, and many more.


1&1 major pros are – 1&1 option are difficult to find for non-tech users.

Hosting Review 1and1Internet – Recent Update

1&1 web hosting has recently signed a contract with the owners of Home. pl, for acquiring them. Home. pl is a polish web hosting provider that employs 240 people and has a rich customer database of more than 300,000 customers. 1&1 best website host has taken a sound decision as this year is expecting to generate the annual sales of approx. EUR 25 million and EBITDA of approx EUR 10 million. Home. pl is considered as one of the leading providers in the Polish web hosting market.


Companies Features:

Uptime Guarantee:99.9%
Hosting Platform:Linux Or Windows
Marketing Credits:Much Exciting Bonus & Offer
Money-Back Guarantee:30 Days
Backups:Daily / Webspace Recovery
Auto Backups:

Products Offered:

Domain Registration:Yes ✔
Dedicated IP:Yes ✔
Cloud Server:Yes ✔
Shared Hosting:Yes ✔
VPS Hosting:Yes ✔
Dedicated Server:Yes ✔
WordPress HostingYes ✔
eCommerce HostingYes ✔
Window Hosting Yes ✔
Cloud ServerYes ✔
Cloud BackupYes ✔
Website BuilderYes ✔
Cloud Shared Hosting:No ✘
Reseller Hosting:No ✘


SSL Certificate:Yes ✔

Email Service:

WebmailYes ✔
POP3Yes ✔
Maximum Emails Per Hour100/hr
Spam FilterYes ✔


Live ChatYes ✔
Phone SupportYes ✔
Ticket System:Yes ✔

Additional Support:

Language Support:PHP 5 | Perl | Python
Database support:MySQL 5 database

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