Latest News And Web Hosting Review Apps4Rent

Hosting Review Apps4RentApps4Rent LLC has announced that Semi-dedicated SharePoint servers are available at which is a popular site for free SharePoint hosting. The semi-dedicated solution allows organizations to learn solutions of third party custom with considerable savings as compared to dedicated SharePoint servers. Developers who need whole access to the SharePoint environment are using semi-dedicated offerings.

Some features of Semi-Dedicated solution are:

  1. Whole access of administrator to the server through RDP : Customers are getting full access to the SharePoint server as administrators via RDP with Semi-Dedicated server. They are able to login into the server any time after using these servers.
  2. Central Administrator access : This enable customer to access the Central Administration and Activate/ Deactivate different components. Customers will be able to make server wide changes to SharePoint values those have restrictions in hosted environments.
  3. Sharing of MS SQL server : MS SQL is a hosted SQL which has daily and full incremental backups.
  4. Installation of third party solutions and custom applications : Installing custom applications and third party solutions is easy with full accessing of the server and a Central Administrator.
  5. Attractive rate point : At an attractive price it is offered. When it will be compared to full dedicated servers, this solution is providing particular savings for a comparable configuration.

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