Latest News And Web Hosting Review Radix

About Radix – The registry operator


CEO: Sandeep Ramchandani

Headquarters: Dubai

Services Offered

  • Maintains exclusive global control over nine new top-level domains (TLDs)
  • .TECH: spans nearly 250,000 domains and more than 41,000 active websites.
  • One re-purposed ccTLD, .PW.

What for Customers?

  • Help customers to craft an online presence with meaningful, descriptive domains using generic top-level domains (gTLDs). It empowers businesses to get short, memorable and descriptive domain names used for a website, email address, or a variety of other internet addressing purposes.
  • Builds user engagement

No. of Customers: Managing 5+ million domains

Target Customers: Website owners, tech startups, online stores, small businesses

Customers: Consumer Electronics Show (CES®), Viacom, and Intel

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