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About the Company


Verslo centras “Neapolis”, 1202 kab,
Taikos pr. 52C, Klaipėda 91184, Lithuania
Phone: +370 46 210322, +370 620 55074


CCO: Vitalia

Services Offered

An easy-to-use website builder: Create modern, responsive websites by choosing blocks for desktops, smartphones and tablets

Hosting Features

  • Website import
  • 100% White Label
  • Easy installation process
  • Pop-up banners to show customers latest news, discounts, or any other information
  • Widest Choice of Payment Gateways
  • SEO Tips for a Website
  • Freedom-Based E-commerce: To create online store and sell goods worldwide
  • Customisable view, filters, attributes and accept payments from wide range of payment gateways
  • Images, buttons, lines and backgrounds can be made transparent or semitransparent. Elements can be now pushed in a desired way: move elements in bulk or each one separately on different layers simply by dragging small arrows on a block.
  • Pre-made forms library
  • Importer with verification—perfect tool for additional safety. Extra protection for the websites and additional check of copyrighting


  • Transport industry templates
  • Political Candidate for political campaign
  • Online Radio template: Create a Spotify channel or upload songs via music player and let website visitors enjoy favourite music.
  • Nature templates
  • Bootstrap style templates
  • Sporty pre-made templates
  • Wedding: To create a personal wedding website, add lovely pictures, set a countdown timer

Widgets: Spotify widget, Countdown timer for special events

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