Latest News And Hosting Review 1-grid

About the company

All-in-one solution for small businesses


Director: Thomas Vollrath

Headquarters: South Africa

Services Offered

Web Hosting

Business and domain registration package

Enables customers to book domain name at the time of business registration. It allows start-ups to establish and protect their brand identity from domain grabblers or competitors or opportunists. Thus helps businesses from the beginning to have a domain that looks professional, builds customer trust, and drives website traffic. The company ensures proper set-up of registered domain with content, by offering website hosting and design services to their customers. Within five days, customers receive a company registration certificate and confirmation of their domain name registration. The customers gets:

  • Company name reservation confirmation
  • Notice of incorporation
  • CIPC processing
  • CIPC filing administration fees
  • Business income tax number

Hosting Features

  • Website building tool
  • SSL certificate
  • Web security packages
  • Email hosting

What for Customers?

  • Smooth, user-friendly processes

Target Customers: Small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs)

Latest News

  • (2016) Automotive and energy company Tesla paid $11+ million to purchase the domain name They negotiated for it for almost a decade. The company originally registered

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