4goodhosting Sitepad Website Builder

4GoodHosting Canadian Web Hosting Service Provider offers new and improved Sitepad Website Builder to Web Hosting Customers with a free demo. The developers & website owners find making a website with builders simple, and thus most want to take advantage of free or inexpensive site builders. The users are replacing their existing website builder with an improved Sitepad website builder that is currently available with a free demo. Almost in 30 minutes, users can build a website, which is a huge opportunity provided by 4GoodHosting. Furthermore, the provider claims that web hosting skills are not necessary to make a unique, impressive website using a site builder.

The builder comes with:

  1. powerful design options that are easy to use with drag n’ drop functionality,
  2. 500+ pre-made templates that let users choose a theme and start to quickly envision what their web pages are going to look like, and
  3. 70+ unique design widgets that can implement specific website design features with one touch.

The company also offers site.pro website builder. The more the web admin builds & revises, the website gets more enhanced in value. The provider offers affordable, cost-effective web hosting services on SSD servers for new business, venture, or personal endeavors to get the visibility they want on the World Wide Web. The company offers fast customer response, better performance, lower power consumption, and customer data security.

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