Hosting Review Candid Host

Candid Host is an award-winning front-line web hosting company in India. It offers Featured-packed Linux and Windows(for the websites developed using Microsoft technologies) web hosting packages for corporates at a competitive cost. A customer can choose from Starter, Economy, Business, and Corporate available in INR 1299, INR 1699, INR 2099, and INR 3699, respectively. The company is the perfect choice for New Delhi, the capital of India, customers for domain registrations. They provide an easy process as well as they offer cheap rates. For Indian hosting customers, it’s the right choice for both small website owners with few pages or portals requiring ample space and bandwidth. The hosting features include access to the control panel, MYSQL database, CGI stats, graphical stats, well-maintained servers, and readily available scripts and programs. LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP/Perl/Python) brings rigid security and stability. The providers offer free available programming languages like Perl, MySQL, PHP, Python, and Ruby used on Linux servers.

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The company provides a hassle-free experience to its clients with complete control. The company offers several discounts on its web hosting plans that perfectly meet consumer needs and requirements. Ananova considers the hosting provider as reliable. Its servers offer good website speed and functionality and offer hosting plans at affordable prices.
The company claims to offer a 99% uptime & money-back guarantee and underlining its commitment to quality with cost-efficacy. An assured quick response is available in case of a technical problem.

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