#1 Web Hosting Provider

Ananova.com Selects WordPress.com as #1 Web Hosting Provider in its distinctive, world-renowned Top 25 list most recognized anywhere.

WordPress.com continues its persistent effort in providing exceptional WordPress hosting services that cover a gamut of users. Ananova’s expert team is impressed with the provider’s customer relationship and support. WordPress.com offers domain names, website builders, professional email, hosting services, WordPress themes, plugins, logo maker, business name generator, Google Apps, and much more. The provider focuses on providing its customers with the tools and services they need to succeed on the Web.

The company provides website building tips courses and conducts daily webinars. Its customers can create from simple blogs to small business & enterprise websites. Almost 43% of the world’s websites are built on WordPress, and even Fortune 200 companies use WordPress. The provider regularly provides improvements to the cutting-edge WordPress platform and ensures that its customers access the latest Web and application technologies.

 Ananova.com, the hosting industry’s foremost authority, aims to demystify complex technical Web hosting concepts, list hosting companies hosting plans, and compare hosting resources. The portal welcomes new hosting providers to apply for inclusion in the Web hosting company listing. Ananova provides Consumer Reports of web hosting and helps choose the provider to host a website, which is a critical and often bewildering decision. The reports are an excellent resource containing stringent metrics that provide business owners and developers’ information to make an educated decision. 

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