Best WordPress Web Hosting Services 2022

The WordPress web hosting market is growing substantially. Ananova’s team predicts this trend will continue, and WordPress will cover the top market in the upcoming years. is a trusted provider of current, unbiased, comprehensive web host reviews and reports developed using in-depth, real-time, data-driven tracking, social media sentiment analysis, and honest user commentary. Their team uses research tools to analyze the hosting industry. The portal recommends top web hosting providers by assessing the hosting company, growth, resources, support, strategies, and hosting plans. Ananova team does the SWOT analysis of the thousands of web hosting companies to help consumers face challenges while selecting the best web hosting provider. The individual company reviews enable the consumer to understand better the web hosting provider offered resources to match its needs or requirements. The consumer requirements may vary depending upon:

  • Platform: Linux or Windows
  • Consumer Profile: Individual, Small company, Medium size enterprise, Large Enterprize, Non-profit organization, Government institution
  • Regional: North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, and Middle East & Africa

Different consumer personal pertains to additional market share, product demand, and growth. Ananova analysis of web hosting provider companies, plans, hosting resources, support services, and latest developments helps consumers make the perfect hosting buying decision. Ananova follows the hosting provider’s expansions, merger & acquisition, research and development, and hosting plan strategies. The Ananova best WordPress list is the outcome of the market study, executive summary, and competitors. 

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