Latest News and Hosting Review Datarealm

Hosting Review Datarealm

Company Introduction – Hosting Review Datarealm

Key Selling Points

  • One of the first web hosting service providers in the world
  • Trusted industry leader

Establishment: 1995

Services Offered – Hosting Review Datarealm

dedicated servers, advanced secure cloud hosting platform, virtual private servers and shared hosting
The company is continuously investing in web technologies and extraordinary customer service. It includes secure cloud hosting platform, virtual private servers, dedicated servers and shared hosting. Web host executes complex and demanding turnkey productivity solutions at every point in the process of integrating, deploy, design and support. It has developed an international reputation for high expectations in demanding projects at world’s largest high volume manufacturing plants.
Datarealm comprises a wide range of projects in the automotive industry in some North American Plants in a specific area such as paint, Powertrain, assembly, and body. It maintains long term relationships with machine builder and OEMs. Collaboration in projects at continent’s major auto production plants, supplier plants and other production centers of companies.Substantial design, programming, build, commissioning expertise in prime device platform and working with device manufacturers on advanced technology projects.

DataRealm Highlighted Importance of Password Hashing

Datarealm has commented on benefits of following proper practices when salting and hashing password helped keep customers safe in case of hashed master password were leaked. LastPass has experienced network breach which allowed attackers to access to hashed passwords, salts, and other confidential data. Users are at risk because LastPass salted hashes with slow hashing algorithms. Though the use of slow hashing algorithms is not an industry standard, many sites and services use fast hashing algorithms such as SHA1 which reverse technology available to online attackers.
It is must to make sure that leaked information is futile to attackers as it is to invest in external network protection like firewalls. Slow Hashing Algorithms such as PBKDF2-SHA256 employed by LastPress are comprehensive and consume more resources than faster algorithms. Use of Slow Hashing Algorithms will considerably degrade potential of online attackers to leverage stolen data for identity theft. Company’s reputation can significantly alleviate if it invested in technology to keep users safe.

Datarealm Technologies

Datarealm and its solution play a major role as a valued work rate supplement partner by increase front line operational intelligence and heightening traceability of major part and sub-component. Helping automakers achieve unmatched levels of transparency role ideally- suited to company’s skills and experience allowing delivering truly interconnected plant without adding prohibitive cost. It can create real difference and an independent consultancy, so it offers and implements only what works best.

DataRealm High-Level Performance

  • Data Acquisition – DataRealm is interconnecting data from several production devices with a diversity of key operational applications like quality measurements, enterprise resource planning, and statistical process control. Exact and prompt information helps to improve equipment capability and reduces the cause of downtime through accurate analysis.
  • Quality – Through the depth of manufacturing application development expertise company design highly competent web based reports secured with convenient security access.
  • Control Engineering – Company’s electrical engineers have significant skills in all parts of plant operations, functional electrical design, resulting in innovative and use of advanced electronic tools like AutoCAD. Knowledge of brand safeguards ability beyond particular products to the best solution.

Customers – Hosting Review Datarealm

What for Customers?

  • Investing continuously in cutting-edge web technologies
  • Extraordinary customer service commitment

Latest News – Hosting Review Datarealm

The company has announced a new preferred partnership with merchant service provider The Redwoods Company. Datarealm’s advanced managed hosting services and The Redwoods Company’s expansive portfolio of eCommerce merchant services together bring by a partnership. eCommerce end-to-end solution is created providing everything to merchant requires to manage and build their online retail presence.
Datarealm provides secure, fast and reliable web hosting to eCommerce retailers as it is a client-oriented hosting provider. The data center of the company located in Phoenix, Arizona, an infrastructure of Datarealm has the best advantage in enterprise-class server technology and network connectivity. The company provides stability and performance according to demand of eCommerce retailers.
Extended range of eCommerce merchant services with both state-of-art PCI compliant Internet retail solutions and Point of Sale solutions are offered by Redwoods. Datarealm will be preferred hosting provider with a new partnership for eCommerce services for Redwoods.
The company is very much pleased by its new partnership with Redwoods. Because this company is expertise in merchant services and Datarealm platform id perfect match according to their capabilities. The Redwood’s Company and Datarealm both have importance in building close and productive relationships with their clients. Therefore, Datarealm is delighted to give preference for a retail service provider to The Redwoods company.
On hosting successful eCommerce ventures rely on that includes merchant services, excels and software providing user experience and secure transactions. Collaboration is closed between a service provider, merchant, and hosting provider. A success of clients is more important for a company. So, a partnership of Datarealm and The Redwoods Company creates a harmonious mixture of best services and technology which are available to merchants.

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