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Hosting Review PeakHosting

Company Introduction – Hosting Review PeakHosting

Key Selling Points

  • The most popular provider of Operations-as-a-services managed hosting (OaaS) company

Establishment: 2001

19801 SW 72nd Avenue
Suite 300, Tualatin
OR 97062
Phone: (888) 476-7325, (909) 945-4826, (855) 901-7325
Fax: 503-783-6116

Web host helps in design, maintain, build and support some of the world’s biggest internet properties.
Industry experts of PeakHosting take care of everything and allow focusing on moving a business forward. Company has taken several initiatives to improve services for users significantly:-

  • Added more data centers and increased number of points of presence
  • Added more technical performance staff who create and support client’s system
  • Help companies to concentrate on businesses
  • Use tools, people, and strategies to improve things such as connectivity and security while further reducing things like jitter and latency.

New Update of PeakHosting

PeakHosting has introduced new executive leadership team to direct company’s growth. The company is recruiting rapidly, and a team will be able to put a structure in place which will support steady growth while providing employees with new opportunities and users with better services.
From past 18 months company grew revenue by 340 percent and staff by 180 percent. Now web host is making additions at the leadership level to support ongoing expansion and implement on an objective of a company that focuses on employees first.

Services Offered – Hosting Review PeakHosting


PeakHosting becomes complete technical operations department. It is become an essential part of user’s professional services from design and concept to design and execution to maintain and ongoing support. Operations-as-a-service provides people to work on challenging tasks to business rather than spending time managing servers, upgrading software and installing operating systems.
The company offers to client’s custom, dedicated managed hosting using proprietary, 2N design. Dedicated equipment delivers with dedicated support and maintenance, performed by a group of experts. Support staff is available 24/7, allows experts to serve users whenever they need it.
This service serves as a technical department for your business. The company allows you to focus on your business growth and left all the technical aspects such as handling of servers, software up gradation, OS installation etc. It takes care of applications, networking, databases, security, data center, monitoring, operating system , storage and others.

What Operation-As-A-Service does?

  • Architecture and Design
  • Operating System Support
  • Application Support
  • 24*7 alerting, monitoring and escalation
  • Database administration
  • System and Network Performance Trend Analysis
  • Local and Global Load Balancing
  • Implementation and system Failover and redundancy and much more

PeakHosting’s Principles

  • Teamwork: Team up and support each other to build trust and make decisions for better results.
  • Effective Communication: Engage in proactive, direct, anticipatory and productive communication between employees and users.
  • Sound Judgment: Capacity to access circumstances and situations shrewdly and draw sound conclusions from users.
  • Delivers Positive Results: Offers quality results for internal and external users.
  • Mutual Accountability: Promote transparency and other accountable towards positive results
  • Servant Leadership: Consistently behaves with integrity, evolve and improve through self-awareness, modesty to offer better services to users.

PeakHosting Managed Hosting Services

PeakHosting has engineer staff, and they average about 15 years experience. They are intimately involved in deployment and design of user’s system. The company puts it all together in bi-coastal data centers and starts the migration process. For easily available application software, the company handles the installation for the users.
While, for licensed applications, Webhost work closely with people to get them installed applications and running as quickly as possible.

Managed Hosting Service- Service offered by company comprises of following:
  • Managed Hosting Service: Design- To develop a successful managed hosting solution, first you need to design the same.
  • Managed Hosting Service: Build- After designing same, now it is going to build. For this, everything is put together in bi-coastal data centers and migration process begins. Application software which is available free will be installed by the company. And those are licensed, for them, the company helps staff to install and run quickly.
  • Managed Hosting Service: Migration- When you’re present managed hosting company is outgrown by your business, then you are required to search or explore something good. Everyone resists change as they are complicated but here it is not.
  • Managed Hosting Service: Maintenance and Support- Staff of the company is from a technical background as they have done engineering. With this, they are having an average experience of around 15 Yrs. They are completely dedicated towards your systems design and deployment. And they take good care of your infrastructure.

Customers – Hosting Review PeakHosting

Support: 24.7.365 by highly skilled and trained employees
What about customers?

  • High-performance web hosting services and solutions
  • Always Up Architecture: This term suggests that the architecture offered by the company for your website hosting is always up. This is required as sometimes when your site goes down due to any reason, it may affect your business tremendously. There are severe losses occurred like you may lose your confidential data, increase the costs incurred in the redeployment of code, a configuration of applications etc., your customer database can be reduced or you may lose your new customers and many more. So, in consideration of this, PeakHosting offers great services which offer a good platform and keeps your website always up. And in case, if any issue occurs, they took immediate action on the same.

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