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Hosting Review Rackspace

About Company – Hosting Review Rackspace

Key Selling Points

  • Managed cloud hosting company
  • A leader in hybrid cloud and founder of OpenStack which is an operating system for the cloud

Establishment: 1998
Headquarters: Windcrest, San Antonio, Texas, USA
Data Center: San Antonio, Texas, the United Kingdom, Illinois, Virginia, Australia and Hong Kong

Awards/Achievements – Hosting Review Rackspace

  • American Business Award’s Best Customer Service Organization-2005 and 2007
  • Industry-leading Service Level Agreements
  • Red Hat Premier Hosting Partner
  • Microsoft Hosting Partner Of The year- 2003,2005,2007
  • Leader in Gartner North American Web Hosting Magic Quadrant since 2004
  • Microsoft Gold Certified Hosting Partner: Rackspace has achieved 2015 Microsoft Hosting Partner of the year award for manifested tremendous excellence administration and innovation of customer solution based on Microsoft technology products and platforms. This partnership will continue to work on:-
    • Business Transformation for Users
    • Technology Innovation
    • Boost Experts as cloud market grows continuously

    Winners were chosen from more than 2,300 applicants from 108 countries globally. The company continuously offering outstanding services and solutions in hosting partner of the year category

Services Offered – Hosting Review Rackspace

Rackspace offers various types of services and solutions to their clients. They are listed below:
1. Business Solutions

  • E-commerce: It allows you to create your online presence and enrich your clients with delightful services.
  • Web Content Management: WCM platform is hosted and supported by the company for big businesses with a focus on uptime and performance.
  • Email: It hosted your e-mail on the right platform which is appropriate for your business.
  • Collaboration & Productivity: For increasing collaboration and productivity, co. laid emphasis on some of the tools such as Google Apps, Skype, Office 365, Microsoft Sharepoint.
  • Website Hosting: It offers great web hosting services by providing you great servers up all the time and with great tools and resources lead your website in a right direction.
  • Web Apps: A strong hybrid or scalable cloud solution is customized as per your specific needs and then run the same to allow their clients to focus on innovation and creation.
  • Data Services: Good data services are offered, as creation and maintaining databases is not easy. Thus, a platform is offered for this.
  • Private Cloud: Company looks after everything for you such as security, control, and maintenance.

Reliable, Fast and Scalable hosting for WordPress Sites

Serving one visitor on WordPress site is easy, nut serving thousands at a time need technical expertise and remarkable resources. Through Rackspace, a user has two different WordPress Hosting Process.

  • Cloud Sites: Just One click installation and get an optimized WordPress environment
  • Cloud Servers: Deploy Cloud servers using WordPress Blueprint


  • Application Migration
  • DevOps
  • Security & Compliance
  • Strategy & Transformation

2. Infrastructure and Services: In terms of Infrastructure and Services, it offers the following:

  • Compute
  • Network
  • Cloud Networks
  • Cloud Load Balancers
  • Cloud DNS
  • Rack Connect
  • Custom Networking
  • Storage
  • Infrastructure & Developer Tools
  • Database & Data Analytics
  • Private Cloud
  • Collaboration & Productivity
  • Email
  • Simple Websites

Provide Managed Server For Typical Application

RackSpace Managed servers help users to architect right platform for business and get benefits such as:-

  • Incorporate private and public cloud technologies for flexibility to grow
  • Managing and Deploying configuration for all kinds of companies

RackSpace Cloud Servers Features

  • Reliable: Cloud Servers filled with fully redundant networking and ECC memory. Virtual servers are supported by hardware RAID 10 storage.
  • High Networking: Hosts for virtual machine flavor classes with bare-metal servers, redundant, bonded 10GBPS network connections to fuel high-bandwidth applications.
  • All virtual servers have 10 GBPS connectivity to Cloud Block Storage.
  • A power of Bare Metal- Using control penal or OpenStack API which brings uniformity to application performance.

Rackspace has announced recently dedicated option of ObjectRocket for MongoDB databases. It is a solution used to combine scalability and speed of ObjectRocket purpose-built interface with networking and fully dedicated hardware for cases of compliance-dependent. Customers get help by this solution with security, performance and conformation requirements of high-risk industries like financial services, healthcare and insurance.
MongoDB is built on custom, dedicated architecture can strengthen workloads of database providing full resources utilization for host machines, and a isolation level that demanded by enterprise customers. Customers get advantage of Rackspace experts and Fanatical support, allowing customers to concentrate on their in-house resources on making mission-critical, application which are highly secured rather than managing environments of database.
Applications scale to many MongoDB operations per second provided by Dedicated ObjectRocket during offering higher levels of security as it gives customers a fully dedicated, manged rack of MongoDB. All the features are provided by these offerings on which customers are expected from ObjectRocket like a fully isolated environment, dedicated networking components and encryption at rest. They have team of MongoDB experts staffed 24x7x365 so that customers will be focusing to build their businesses. Fully managed ObjectRocket for MongoDB solution is adopted by thousands of customers due to its enhanced security, automatic scalability, high performance, intelligent automation and high availability. Features of ObjectRocket are included:-
Next-generation applications are developed by enterprises that provide advantage in mobile, social and analytics technologies, to options of open-source database use case must be matched by IT departments. To retain database experts is able to navigate complexities regarding database technologies such as MongoDB, MySQL and Hadoop and fulfill demands of database scalability, availability, security and compliance across many databases. Rackspace help organizations to scale, deploy and secure new applications which are data-driven and analytics platforms.

Customer – Hosting Review Rackspace

No. of Customers: More than 300,000 business customers
What for Customer?

  • provides each customer best fit for special needs whether it is on single or multi-tenant servers or combination of those platforms.
  • Customized redundant infrastructure as per needs
  • excellent, fast and reliable business solutions

Rackspace provides good customer support to their clients. Their main goal is to deliver great customer satisfaction so as to retain existing customers and appreciate new customers.
Support: 24.7.365 technical support to resolve hosting-related issues
Uptime: 100% and redundancy shared responsibilities. One-Hour Hardware Substitution

What’s New

Carl Thompson, employed in Rackspace, on position of principal architect, has been awarded with name of the 2015 Red Hat Certified Professional of the Year in Red Hat Summit 2015 took place recently between 23 June- 26 June, 15 at Boston. Award has been awarded by Red Hat, Inc. , worlds top notching company of open source solutions. Red Hat, Inc. has announced that Rackspace has been named as the 2015 Red Hat Certified Professional of Year.
Award has been given by a Red Hat to those professional who are very hard working and experts in their area of working, who are known or recognized for their problem solving, decision making skills, thought leadership. Thompson posses all above qualities and traits and using this a unique Red Hat Satellite infrastructure was developed by him at Rackspace. Purpose behind this is to develop such platform where systems can be easily managed which permits Rackspace to run their Red Hat systems safely and efficiently.

Contact Details

If you have any questions, concerns or comments for company, you can reach them through following ways:

  • Headquarters Address:
    1 Fanatical Place,
    City of Windcrest,
    San Antonio,
    TX 78218
  • Phone: For Sales 1-855-835-6215
  • For Seeking Support- 1-800-961-4454

As company is having various branches spread all over the world, so for various aspects such as for sales, seeking support, billing, legal, media inquiries, careers etc., every branch is having their unique contact details like their phone, e-mail, physical address. So, it is advisable, to go through its website http://www.rackspace[dot]com to know your branch details so that you may reach them conveniently.

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