Latest News and Hosting Review Windstream

About Windstream

Windstream finds itself in the list of Fortune 500 companies. It is into providing network communications of fairly advanced levels. Businesses worldwide are being provided with world-class cloud computing and managed services by Windstream. Based in Little Rock, Arkansas this company boasts or serving more than three million customers. They provide business as well as residential solutions and Carrier services.


Windstream claims that it is the preferred company for most of the Fortune 500 companies to take network solution. It has been expanding since it started in the year 2007. It has been conferred a number of awards for its services in the network and cloud.

Products and Services

In the first category of business products and services, Windstream provides following services:
Enterprise Network Services : Data, voice, network and cloud solutions are provided by Windstream. Whatever be your requirement, you are sure to find a fitting solution here as they provide a spectrum of services ranging from dedicated internet services to unified communications to multi- location networking.
Enterprise Cloud & Managed Services : Windstream provides professionally designed loud solutions to fit requirements of a client and also provides very comprehensive managed services too. Their data centers are world class and very secure as they have tier III facilities. A detailed map of the data centers can be seen on their website. Services are optimized to make client satisfied.
Equipment : Windstream also deals in IT equipments which are duly customized as per any requirements of a client. They have partnered with a number of biggies of the telecommunication world to ensure that they have the right know how for designing equipment.

In second category of residential solution the Windstream offers:

Customer Support

Windstream can be contacted via an email or a telephone call. They also have live chat option available. Windstream does not charge anything for the basic support. They have active accounts on social media too where one can easily find news related to Windstream.

Various Products

Windstream provides a number of services and a number of plans to pick from. Their residential services include high speed internet services. These have two plans namely, High speed internet at 6MBPS and High speed internet at max speed. It you are looking for simple email, browsing and mundane activities pick the first one but if you are into watching HD videos and all pick the plan that offers full speed. They also provide online security packages.

Other services by Windstream

Windstream also provides DISH TV and home phone services. These services can be bundled with the internet services to create packages that are economical. Windstream is also into electronic gadgets like tablets, computers, cameras, mp3 players etc. In the business sector also Windstream offers a number of services. Besides the cloud services, they also provide equipments and help small businesses.
Windstream enjoys the reputation of being a sizeable company in the eastern parts of the USA. It has proved its mettle in the DSL field and is also a front runner in all the other fields that it provides services and goods. With a wide existing customer base, Windstream is expanding and is sure to give its competitors a run for their money in near future!

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