Hosting Business Communication

Effective and efficient communication is an essential aspect of business success. It’s necessary for PR, Marketing, and management to communicate clear, concise, concrete, correct, coherent, complete, and courteous called seven Cs of communication. The clients share feedback, report issues or problems, endorse and provide suggestions in their style and words, which a business needs to understanding not only words but their meaning entirely. It’s more about listening than talking. In a web hosting business, where clients are global, there is more need to care about intercultural languages, traditions, and style. Understanding the speaker’s message and emotions becomes more of an art. Not all clients have good communication skills; thus, they cannot pass the message correctly. There would be discrepancies in what they want to say and their expectations. Hence, the technical support team needs soft skills to understand them fully. Often, this is why customers get aggravated when the support team fails to understand the exact needs or requirements.

The PR & marketing teams of web hosting companies are primarily involved in sharing the news, information, latest hosting industry developments, knowledgebase, Q&As, resolutions to most issues, and their company CSR activities. The data or information needs to be sent and presented so that its meaning is 100% consumed. If the stakeholders fully understand that is being shared, it leads to success and continuously grows. The team members need to focus on the target audience, i.e., information receivers. The misleading, ineffective, or offensive communication leads to customer dissatisfaction, or they get aggravated and switch to other hosting providers. Thus, most hosting providers have centralized communication, controlling personal and mass communication.

Most businesses consider ‘Customer as a God, so they never even think of saying anything that may hurt them, hence applying emotional intelligence to calm their aggravations. Communication is seriously considered as a most important business strategy. The business knows it’s impossible to satisfy every customer, but at least through skillful communication, the negative impact is controllable. The aggravated and disgruntled customers often cause more trouble till their emotions are not controlled through proper information and soft skills.

The business shares a lot of reports with its stakeholders, and the report contains tile, table of contents, executive summary introduction, discussion, & recommendations. The company keeps it readable, uses facts, is well punctuated, has a positive approach, and is simple, clear, and concise. The company gains confidence when stakeholders accept the same with open-mindedness and shows confidence to the provider.

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